"Fantastic, unmatched, fascinating, impressive...
In a word, absolutely superior!"
Milan Rubic
WAM Summer, 2000


To communicate the wealth of vinyl

LP playback is fascinating in its rich presence and freshness of the sound. It quietly demonstrates superiority of its logical simplicity. However, we are not satisfied with the sound of today's LP playback systems; most of them sound too neat and clean, even tasteless, like distilled water.

With Phonocube, our intention is to enhance the richness of LP sound, and differentiate it even more from the sound of a CD.

The sound that Phonocube creates was the target when we were developping Flatfish and Progression.


Most of MC cartridges available in the current market are compatible with the standard version. For those cartridges with an extremely small output level and/or high internal impedance, we have the high-gain version. The standard version has 75dB and the high-gain version has 90dB of gain. Since it is a current amplification device with 0 ohm input impedance, output level is determined by the output amperage of the cartridge (output voltage divided by internal impedance). If you are not sure about which version suites better for your cartridge, please contact SAKURA SYSTEMS.

Sotatsu Tawaraya
Bugaku Screen
gold-leaf, pigments on paper
each panel 155.0 x 169.0 cm
early 17th century

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